Study at AIIT

Join The Innovative Ways of Learning at AIIT

Learner-Oriented Approach

At AIIT we listen to you and your needs in order to help you achieve your best after the course. Teaching methods are customised in an approach that caters to our students and their needs. We work efficiently to ensure our student’s needs are met and work within AIIT policies and procedure.

Full On-line Study Materials

We have used the latest technology for our teaching methods and allow all AIIT students access to online materials. Every student will also be equipped with a computer tablet to ensure the best learning experience.

Great Course Timetable

We assure our course timetables allow our students to have a flexible schedule to ensure they are able to manage their daily life. We do understand that our students must have a balance between the different facets of life: lifestyle, work, study and of course, leisure time.

Professional Trainers

Only top quality services and products are offered to our learners. We ensure all of our trainers go through in-depth training in order to ensure what they are experienced, knowledgeable and skillful trainers, using the best quality resources in modern facilities.

Practical Workshops

We want our students to be as well learned and ready as possible upon graduation from AIIT. Here, our students are given hands-on experience in their chosen fields, with interactive discussions and demonstrations. Students will be exposed to practical methods and on-site experience of subject modules.

Performance Based Assessment

Our assessment method is very comprehensive, it’s a combination of class and work activities, simulation exercises, self-assessment, portfolios and professional third-party feedback.

Affiliation with Professional Organisation

AIIT has a wide and strong network of professional organisations in Australia. This advantage will give our students a big opportunity to apply for professional internship programs.